Revised Constitution and Approval Process

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The Church Council and Spiritual Oversight Council recommend that Pleasant View Church adopt a new constitution which includes a new leadership structure.  This recommendation will involve a vote on the new constitution and an affirmation ballot for open positions in the January 23 Business Meeting.

 Please note the following are available:

1. The business meeting agenda, the proposed vote on revised Constitution and proposed affirmation ballot for positions (Click Here)

2. The draft Constitution (Click Here)

3. Paper copies are also available via the office.

4. The governance team will be available for questions and feedback in the sanctuary during Sunday School on Sunday, January 20.

5. Paper copies of all of the above plus absentee ballots (hardcopy and electronic) are available. Please contact the office for copies before Sunday, January 20.

6. Both Councils encourage all members and regular attenders to consider being  present for the January 23 business meeting.

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